Chapter 9

Fiona parked her SUV at Mick’s Master Karaoke Bar. As they approached the entrance, Arwen spied someone familiar.


She was about to say hello when the “Sell ‘n’ Swap cashier” picked up the karaoke microphone and belted out a song. Such strong pipes on a skinny, “goth” girl! She sang ‘Freak Like Me’, by Halestorm.

Screenshot-139 Screenshot-140 Screenshot-141

Fiona pointed to the singer, yelling over the loud music, “O.m.g. She’s fuckin’ amazing!”


Both girls started dancing.


Once the song ended, Fiona and Arwen applauded and hooted. A young boy approached the singer with a stern look, but he was greeted warmly nevertheless. Was he her younger brother… or son?

The little child appeared to be admonishing her while she mockingly mimicked his everything he said. Arwen interrupted the strange scene, extending her hand to the dark-haired girl, gushing about her talents.

“Wow! You were amazing!”


“Arwen, and pleased to meet you. A second time. Remember me?” Arwen grinned coyly.

The boy glared at Arwen, seeming more exasperated than any child his age should ever be.


“I’m Cornelia… You say we’ve met before?” She thought about it for a moment, seeming skeptical.


“Yeah, at the consignment store? You helped me find some clothes and fixed my hair?”

“Oh. Yeah… I remember you.” Cornelia frowned and seemed annoyed.

Fiona approached, as if sensing trouble.

“Everything okay, Wen?”

Screenshot-150Cornelia then let out a deep breath from her lungs.

“Listen… Arwen? I’d rather you associate me with singing than working at the consignment store, okay?”


Arwen realized Cornelia was embarrassed about her employment situation. The irony! For a moment, she was tempted to reveal that she in fact was unemployed, but thought better of it. The evening was going so well, she didn’t want to ruin it. From then on, Arwen tried her best to put the prickly Cornelia at ease, chatting about this and that. Fiona even joined in and her charm really lightened the mood.


However, Fiona soon became distracted by something shiny across the room.

“Yum-my… Be right back, ladies.” She mumbled.


After a few minutes, Cornelia said her goodbyes.

“I better get the little guy home before the cops find him here… T-t-y-l.”

Arwen turned to the bar and saw Fiona trying her luck with a guy. Better not interrupt… Let’s see what’s upstairs, she thought.


She strolled around, saw some game tables (information filed for future use!) and a photo booth. Oh my… I haven’t seen one of these in so long… Does it work?


The screen was lit up inside showing a menu and the buttons seemed to work.


Arwen ran down the stairs, two by two, and almost tripped and rolled the rest of the way she was so tipsy.


Her new friend was drinking alone at the bar, the man having apparently left. She brightened up at Arwen’s arrival.

“Hey, girl! Thought you were getting lucky upstairs or something? She giggled and winked.

Arwen chuckled, “Uh, no. But you have to come up… there’s a photo booth.”

Fiona jumped off her stool and almost fell, she was so drunk. Arwen caught her just in time, but she wasn’t so steady herself. By some miracle, they made their way upstairs without any accidents. Fiona entered first, followed by Arwen. They both fumbled at the buttons and screen, giggling uncontrollably. Eventually, some flashes went off.

They both stumbled out, laughing until they had cramps.

Arwen pulled Fiona into her arms.

“Fiona, you’re one amazing riot after another! Tonight was the best in a long time!”


“You too, Wen! You okay to get home?”

“Oh yeah!”

Fiona and Arwen struggled to pull the motor bike from the SUV’s trunk. The latter then watched her new friend drive away, then hobbled back inside to use the washroom. Drink much, pee much.

Before leaving Mike’s, she turned around at the near empty bar and hooted! What an amazing night!

Somehow, Arwen managed to get on her bike after hiking up the short dress a little higher. She was still wearing Fiona’s brand new dress…



4 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. Wow, I’m so glad she had so much fun! Cornelia seems like a hard person to become friends with. :/
    I hope Arwen gets home safely and doesn’t ruin Fiona’s new dress O_O

  2. So, Arwen really enjoyed her girls’ night out. I loved her hooting at the end. Too bad that dress wasn’t the ideal outfit for riding a bike, LOL.

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