Chapter 11


“Hey, Arwen! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner… I got a last minute gig in Bridgeport and I’ve pretty much been working nights and sleeping days. Anyway… If you still want to hang out, I’ll be at the Summer Festival tonight on the little bridge over the ponds around 8… Ciao, bella!”

Arwen held her phone in front of her face, reading the message once more, a smile slowly brightening her face. Then worry creased her brow: What am I gonna wear?? She briefly considered the blue dress that Fiona had let her keep, but decided it was too fancy for an outdoor festival. In the end, she wore jeans and a blouse and hoped he wouldn’t remember that’s what she was wearing when they met.

After brushing her hair and teeth, and inspecting herself in the mirror one last time, Arwen dashed out of the house. She arrived first and paced anxiously back and forth along the bridge, looking around, searching for a tall, handsome red-head. Some music was blaring, but she paid no attention to it.


Just when she was starting to think she’d been stood up, Hank managed to sneak up behind her.


“Hi, bella…”

Arwen whirled around, her heart hammering in her chest.

“You scared me!” She admonished him, then they both laughed.


“Hey, I just want to say I’m sorry again… I don’t usually keep pretty girls waiting.”

“Bella” felt a blush rise from her neck to her face and felt grateful for the darkness.


She waved off his apology, “Hey, it’s cool… I was busy too anyway… Tell me about Bridgeport!”


“Oh, it was epic!” Hank spread his hands outward in front of him. “So many people came to see our show and the room was huge. Amazing crowd too! ”


“You should come to see us perform some time.” He smirked charmingly.


“So… What’s a hot girl like you doing in this hole in the wall?”

Arwen smiled awkwardly… She was flattered by the compliment, but stymied by the question. Ah, the dreaded question…


“Uh, thanks… Actually, I think it’s pretty nice here. You’re pretty nice…” Yep, she blurted it out.


Hank smiled at her, speechless, just gazing at her face. Is he trying to figure out how to let me down gently? Arwen glanced at his lips briefly, then went for it. Go big or go home.

Screenshot-208 Screenshot-207

A new song blared through the speakers, filling her mind… His lips were soft and warm. After a few seconds, he recovered from his shock and pulled her against him with his big hands, kissing her deeply. She felt his heat through her thin silk blouse and, for a moment, nothing else existed, not even gravity… Just her and him, in a warm embrace.

Screenshot-211 Screenshot-212

When their lips eventually parted, they were both a little out of  breath.  Hank grinned and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Hey, you’re a pretty good kisser, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told…” Arwen replied coyly.

“Um, wanna sit and watch the stars for a bit? Because if you keep kissing me like that, I’ll have to take you home and you’re won’t get any sleep tonight, missy.”


Sitting down, she was tempted to try her luck (so to speak) and kiss him again, but decided not to rush into things. After all, she barely knew him.

Hank caught her stare from the corner of his eye and bit his lip, suppressing another grin, turning to the stars above instead. He leaned back, crossing an arm over hers. His touch sent shivers up and down her spine. Sensing her reaction, he sat up again, but she caught his hand and smiled invitingly.


“You know, I’m gonna miss you…” Hank expressed, looking away.

“Why? More out of town gigs?” Arwen’s heart sank.

“Yeah, plus… I’m planning to start performing on my own, so I have a lot of songs to write. I’ll be really busy… but I hope to hang out with you again when I’m in town?” He looked at her hopefully.

Arwen smiled and turned her gaze upward again, to hide her disappointment. What she already getting the “I’m busy” line?

“Yeah, of course.” She assured him.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. Awwww! Hahaha Hank seems like a sweet guy. Though Arwen was a little forward, I kinda didn’t like how much MORE forward he was, to me he comes off as if she’s a fling already whenever he’s going to come to town. I hope I’m wrong T_T

  2. Well, this was rather bittersweet, but awww <3. Let's hope Hank is a nice enough guy, because, as Arwen said, she barely knows him, so I don't really know…

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