Author’s Note

My apologies for the lack of chapters lately… I
1) ran out of pre-written scheduled chapters;
2) spilled some juice on my keyboard (the space bar now requires a few pounds of pressure to produce the desired effect); and last but not least,
3) I’ve been spending a lot of time ingratiating myself with a fledgling Thieves Guild, meeting Paarthurnax, maxing sneak and archery skills and just making myself an absolute nuisance to large flying lizards. 😉

Rest assured, I have not given up on this story. In fact, my mind keeps coming up with great plot twists! But I do have a couple hundred screenshots to go through before I can even think of playing again. I’ll get there, I promise.


One thought on “Author’s Note

  1. Ughh, I looooovee those games.. Hahaha I have Skyrim for Xbox360 and Oblivion is on my laptop.
    And take your time! I’ll be here still waiting for new chapters 😀 I’m actually going through a little hiatus for my stories as well XD

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