Chapter 8

A pretty blonde was looking right at Arwen, waiting for a reply. Pulling out her cell phone, Arwen replied.

“Uh, it’s 7:30…”

The stranger then extended her hand to her.

“Sorry, I’m being rude. I’m Fiona… and I’ve been stood up by my date.” She explained with a sarcastic, self-deprecating smirk.


“What a loser. I love your dress!” Arwen gushed. She could never afford such glamourous clothes.


Fiona winked, “Well, his loss.”

The two girls laughed and chatted, getting to know each other.

“Say… do you have any plans tonight? You could be my date.” Fiona offered.


“Believe me, I’m itching to party all night, but wherever you’re going,” Arwen pointed to Fiona’s shiny dress, “I’m not welcome. Sorry, but I don’t have anything nice enough to wear.”

She was embarassed to admit this, but it was better than going along and being completely humiliated as a bouncer refused her entry to an exclusive club.

“Oh, is that all! I just went shopping and I have other dresses in the trunk of my car. Please, Arwen? This way we can both have a good time tonight.” Fiona pleaded.


Arwen couldn’t help but smile. Fiona was offering exactly what she craved and the means to make this a memorable night.

“Well, alright then… Where’s your car?”

Arwen changed clothes on the SUV’s backseat, trying on a few dresses until one fit her better while Fiona kept watch, taking a peek inside once in a while. The black-haired girl wasn’t too self-conscious. After all, winging it, improvising, spur-of-the-moment… this was what she was used to.

Fiona squealed, “Oh my God, that’s the one! Stunning. Keep it on and let’s go have dinner. Everyone will be staring at us.” She winked at Arwen and the latter couldn’t help but follow. She had to admit, this was a gorgeous dress.

Trying to show more confidence than she felt, Arwen led the way into the bistro, swaying her hips provocatively, her head high.


Fiona followed close behind, attracting much attention with her sexy, high-heeled strides.


The girls hit it off so well! They laughed and giggled, amused by the attention their entrance had attracted. Arwen couldn’t believe how easy Fiona was to speak and get along with. She looked like a spoiled cheerleader — and might be, for all she knew — but she was every bit the fun-loving, partying girl Arwen was.

After dessert, Fiona insisted on paying for both meals. With dramatic flair, she declared, “You saved me from an evening of boredom and feeling sorry for myself! I won’t take no for an answer.”

Arwen emerged from the bistro feeling happier than she had in a while and hoping nothing would ruin her fun.


Hands on the steering wheels, Fiona asked “So, where do you wanna go, sexy?” She winked.

Arwen smiled, “All up to you, Fiona, I haven’t sampled the nightlife yet in this town, remember?”

“Alright, so I’m your captain this evening! Buckle up.”


6 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. Aww, I’m happy she found a friend! I’m glad she was able to have a good time and even wore something else besides her normal attire. I hope they stay friends 😀

    • Yeah, Arwen’s had a rough time and, being a party animal, you can expect more wild nights in the future! lol Her new life kind goes against the grain of her personality, but she’s trying really hard to make it work. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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